Why You Should Follow Sixpenceee On Tumblr

“Alpine Ibexes climb nearly 90 degree angles to lick salt deposits off of mountainsides. They crave that mineral.”

And thus, with a few simple words, an internet sensation was born. In 2014, a most bizarre meme arose that would shoot the tumblr blog Sixpenceee into stardom and arguably gain it a legendary status. The “crave that mineral” meme – in which people made references to the post’s line “crave that mineral” in various contexts – spread like wildfire, being used by everyone from random tumblr users to companies’ official Twitter pages. The official tumblr for Denny’s restaurants even claimed “We ARE that mineral.”


People flocked to the source of the meme, following the Sixpenceee blog and hoping for more meme-worthy posts.

But now that the hype has died down, there is still good reason to follow Sixpenceee. The blog is actually run by a group of people and spans many different social media outlets. Most important to know is that the sixpenceee blog –  and accompanying Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page – is more than just a place for interesting Ibex facts. As they claim in the About section, “You’ll find interesting content that ranges a wide variety of topics but our specialty is in creepy/bizarre/horror/paranormal & science.”

Most intriguing is that their dedication to informing the public about all things scientific and otherwise often turns into creepy stories. Only pay a visit to Sixpenceee if you’re prepared to get spooked. The blog shares post after post about strange urban legends and ancient ghost stories.

Due to the number of horror fans and fear-freaks on the internet, “crave that mineral” is now not the only trend that Sixpenceee has created. After the “mineral” days, Sixpenceee’s Dare Day has taken the world by storm. The site’s strange fascination with the paranormal and scary legends has manifested itself into a truly shocking day of activities meant to connect people with other worlds and beings.

The dares also get progressively more challenging and a heck of a lot scarier as the day progresses. The final dare, “Calling the Distortion” is a strange ritual that requires you to call another dimension and run the risk of getting trapped in that dimension forever, or so the legend goes. Not for the faint of heart indeed.

Even if you don’t want to take part in Dare Day, though, there’s plenty of reason to click “Follow” on Sixpenceee’s blog. Beyond the freaky paranormal facts there are still great things to feast your eyes on, from incredible photography to good, old-fashioned scientific facts in the spirit of “crave that mineral.” For instance, you can learn about Angel, the dolphin that appears pink is “the world’s only albino dolphin in captivity,” according to the blog. Or you can see photos of the largest lava lake in the world located in the heart of continental Africa.

Whatever your reasons, if you want to become one of the freaky, fear-loving cult followers or just want to learn a thing or two, Sixpenceee has something for everyone. No promises that you won’t feel a little haunted while you’re exploring, though.