What Is Even Happening On True Detective?

True Detective fans have suffered through much in their lives. They’ve scoured the internet trying to understand all the mythical and biblical references from Season 1, blogged and commented about their theories and scratched their heads at all the confusing twists and turns of Nic Pizzolato’s expert writing. But Season 2 has proven too much for even the most loyal fans, prompting many people to give up watching because of it’s confusing plot and disappointing writing.

But how could a team that produced such an addicting show last season follow it up with something so seemingly sub-par? Season 2 offers drawn-out scenes with conversations we can hardly follow, storylines that seem to be going nowhere, confusing political corruption and discussion of finances that leave people snoring. Even with its star-studded cast including actors Rachel McAdams, Collin Farrel and Vince Vaughn, fans are struggling to find reasons to keep coming back each week.

Here are a few theories that might explain what is happening with True Detective.

Theory 1: The show is too smart for its own good

If the fans were smart enough to follow along Season 1, they should in theory be able to keep up with the current season. But perhaps the show is secretly so intricate and genius that fans are led to believe it’s bad, when really they don’t understand it. The show has certainly taken on an even more ambitious concept than last season’s, trying to explain the corruption and underworlds of the Los Angeles area while still allowing for the mystery and sexy intrigue that fans have grown to love. It’s possible that Season 2 actually has hit the mark, but viewers missed it. Not that needing a scholar to explain a show makes it good television, but that could explain the confusion.

Theory 2: It was holding out for a big finish

While all this could just be chalked up to a sophomore slump, perhaps the show was going to wrap everything up so perfectly in the season finale that fans would wish they never spoke against the show. Even last season many would argue that the show took on a whole new meaning after the finale because of the way it handled tying everything together. The show has an interesting relationship with the idea of closure, or lack thereof.

Theory 3: The team got lazy

While no one wants to think the people behind their favorite show have lost interest, it’s a common phenomenon. Some shows “jump the shark,” some switch writing teams or actors and lose their magic, and some shows just slowly lose momentum. Whether it’s because they were riding off the coattails of Season 1 or because they used up all their good ideas to make what may now be the best season of the show, True Detective might have just lost its quality. Perhaps the team should move on to a new series, and let True Detective remain in our memories as the flawless show we remember it being.

Whatever the reason, there’s just something off about Season 2, which is saying something when considering how strange the show is in general. The loyal fans will surely see the show through to the end no matter what the writers throw their way. The rest of us will just sit on the sidelines and occasionally check in, afraid to invest in what may be a work of genius or a disappointing flop.