The 6 Things That Bugged You About Jurassic World

This summer, Jurassic World reminded us why we fell in love with the world of dinosaurs oh so long ago. The film was an undeniable hit, doing well in the US and World box office. But as enjoyable as it was, the cinematic experience was hindered by a few problems. If you were in the audience this summer, you may remember these 6 things that bugged you about the movie.

6. Chris Pratt had like zero jokes

Chris Pratt was certainly the funniest character in the movie, though that’s not saying much since he barely had a chance to use his comedic chops. Of course Pratt is a multitalented actor and is allowed to do dramatic roles, but as the sarcastic-bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold character, it seemed fitting in this movie that he should provide some comic relief. He had a few jokes that were entertaining, but this wasn’t quite Guardians of the Galaxy-level silliness.

5. Kids don’t know how to restore an old jeep

It’s all well and good that the two young brothers had helped their grandpa restore his car, once, a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean they can fix the decrepit jeep that audiences remember seeing 21 years ago. Kids sit in history class for hours on end and can’t remember the difference between the World Wars, do we really expect them to recall all the minor and complicated details that go into car mechanics?

4. Unexplained evilness

While it’s likely the books had more in-depth explanations of, well, everything, Jurassic World made a confusing mess of its whole villain thing. It had two villains, who were kind of working together, but had slightly different agendas, and didn’t have a chance to fully explain their evil perspective, and were maybe being used as commentary on capitalism, or something? The majority of their story development also occurred while a terrifying, blood-thirsty dinosaur was attacking our beloved protagonists, so they pretty much faded into the background. Also, if you’re going to have a character played by expert actor B.D. Wong, he should probably have more than a few lines to explain himself.

3. *Spoilers* That nanny’s death

If you’ve seen the movie, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t yet, prepare yourself for a truly harrowing scene in which the boys’ British nanny is killed in one of the most awful ways imaginable. Tossed about by the pterodactyls like a play toy, she’s momentarily drowned, chewed, and almost snapped in half before being eaten entirely by the giant sea monster. Even if she had been an unlikeable character, which she hadn’t, it still wouldn’t have seemed fair to see her go in such a horrifying way. Makes you wonder if the writers just really hate British nannies.

2. Hair

The character of Claire (played by actress Bryce Dallas Howard) is many things: a businesswoman, a leader, a sister, a hero. But she is not a hairdresser, as far as we can tell. So it makes no sense that halfway through the film, her hair – which has remained absolutely flawless despite the fact that’s she’s been running around a jungle for hours – suddenly and for no apparent reason changes styles. She goes from perfectly-straightened hair to perfect wavy locks almost instantly. Is it the humidity? If so then why isn’t her hair also frizzy? And why wasn’t it reacting that way from the beginning? Was she storing a hair curler in her pocket? Is it battery-powered? These questions left some of us scratching our heads when the movie let out.

1. Running in heels

Hair aside, there’s just something not quite right about the character of Claire. She may just be super woman, because that’s the only rational way to explain her actions in this movie.  It’s one thing to run away from a T-Rex. It is an entirely different thing to do so in heels. Throughout the film, Claire traverses through jungle thickets, mushes through mud, sprints past boulders and other obstacles and races dinosaurs all while wearing a sleek pair of high heels, that look to be at minimum 3-inches. For anyone who’s had to step along even a flat sidewalk in heels, this just doesn’t seem accurate.