The 5 Trends To Try Soon To Make Sure 2018 Goes Out With A Bang

There’s always something new to try or some conversation topic that you can never hear the end of. Is it all overblown hype or will some of these latest hits be part of our culture for years to come? There’s only one way to know for sure, and that’s to try them out. Here are five trends that you may or may not have heard of but are certainly worth checking out.

1. Order a sushi burrito

This foodie trend started at the eponymous Sushirrito in San Francisco and has slowly grown into a cosmopolitan craze all over the United States. The concept for the sushi burrito is simple: replace the tortilla with seaweed and the insides with sushi ingredients and you have a giant sushi roll that has all the convenience of a burrito. These things aren’t as affordable as their Mexican-cuisine counterpart since fresh fish is harder to come by than refried beans, but it’s worth the cost. The sushi burrito will have you stuffed to the brim with delicious, sushi goodness.

2. Do a Crossfit workout

Ugh! It sounds horrible, and it is, and you don’t want to become one of those people who never stops talking about Crossfit, right? But you need to try it once, to push yourself to limits you never thought possible, and finally have the bragging rights to say so. Plus, the next time someone bring up the fact that they’re a Crossfit exercise junkie and tries to convince you to do the same, you can just say “Oh Crossfit? Yeah I tried that, not my thing!” and change the subject. Then sit back, relax and watch the Crossfit Games on ESPN without breaking a sweat.

3. Download the app Hinge (if you’re single!)

You’ve dealt with ads and probably downloaded Tinder “just to see what it’s all about” but now it’s time to get the real deal – the (completely free) dating app Hinge. Cosmopolitan and Forbes magazines wouldn’t lie to you, would they? Hinge has gotten stellar reviews because it cuts out the creep factor in dating by only connecting you with friends of friends and people in your social network. And cheaters beware: the app uses all its information from Facebook, meaning if you’ve made things official your potential matches on the app will be made aware. That’s right, Hinge is a real class act, unlike competitor Tinder – or Ashley Madison.

4. Drink specialty craft beer at a microbrewery

Though it’s become a cliche of elitist millennials, everyone should try craft beer at least once, especially one at your trendy neighborhood microbrewery. Sure you don’t want to buy into the hype, but you never know when it will be worth it. And as silly as they sound, there are some seriously delicious craft beers to try and ones that will pair perfectly with your meal. Sriracha beer is just one savory craft beer option to add to your palette, but there are many more.

5. Challenge your mind at Escape the Room

While popular as a team bonding activity for a workplace, any group of friends (or strangers) can take part in an Escape the Room activity. The official Escape the Room has locations in various cities throughout the United States from Scottsdale to New York. Other variations of this activity can be found in most cities and have a wide range of options, from zombie-themed mazes to fantasy world challenges involving goblins. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s a way for you to try out the Escape the Room trend – all it takes is the brains and the guts to do it.