LolCats Vs Dogs: The Internet’s Sudden Obsession With Dogs

There’s videos, there’s memes, there’s gifs, there’s tweets, there’s weird animated clips, there’s just no getting around it: the internet is obsessed with dogs.

Well look at these things: can you blame people for being so crazy about them?

Dogs are cute, they’re loving and they do stupid things on video, so of course they’re perfect for the internet. Tumblr user heliolisk writes: “I love seeing pawprints cause that means at some point a dog walked on that spot and then i think about dogs and it’s a good time.” The obsession is undoubtedly an epidemic. But doesn’t this craze sound a bit familiar?

It was in 2006 or arguably earlier that the internet’s eerie obsession with cats began., the famous website for creating and sharing LolCats, went viral in 2007, and it wasn’t long before YouTube was filled to the brim with videos of cats falling asleep, jumping off couches, hanging out in the ceiling and otherwise failing.

But cats as an internet sensation are but a memory of the past, and in fact have become rather passé. Referencing “cat memes” is about as hip as discussing Medicare. Now it is a new era: it is the dawn of the Dog.

The most pressing question is, why the sudden shift? Did people simply get bored with cats? Did we suffer from cat overload and needed a new source of cuteness? Did we hear our grandmas talk about LolCats too often for us to bare? These are all possible solutions.

It could also be because the world realized that many cats aren’t, well, nice. Sure, they’re silly and their reactions are priceless, but cats just aren’t quite as good at the whole unconditional love thing as dogs are.

Or as tumblr user odolnost explains “If you locked your boyfriend and your dog in a trunk for a week and then opened it the boyfriend would probably be pissed but the dog would be happy to see you also known as reasons why dogs are better than boyfriends.” The internet needed some loving, and dogs were the friends to provide it.

Tumblr user babyblanketcoughsyrupcarnival also put the weirdness of the obsession into words: “me, talking to a dog: you’re soft. are you even aware of your mortality? of course ur not. u pure, wholesome and sentient unselfish being. do u feel that? that’s my heart. i love you. look at those ears. here take my wallet.”

So maybe it gets a little bit on the creepy side, but whatever the reason, there’s no denying that there has been a major paradigm shift on the internet.

The dedication to dogs has seen no end. There are Twitter accounts like Nice Dog and others that are simply dedicated to posts about what else but dogs. There are even a number of BuzzFeed articles about this new trend. Whether the popularity of dogs will see the same fate as the LolCat craze is yet undetermined. As long as there’s some new cute animal to fawn over, whether it be cats or sloths or dogs, the internet will be happy.