Growing Awareness For The Struggles Of Being Big-Chested

Boobs. Now that we got your attention, it’s time to talk about boobs, and specifically big ones. Because as much as one might assume that big boobs are simply an asset that should be appreciated, they actually cause people a ton of problems. Everyone from school teachers to television celebrities must deal with the real-life struggles of having large breasts.

The headlines were buzzing when Modern Family actress Ariel Winter spoke out about getting breast reduction surgery. Some people were shocked that she would do such a thing, but many more congratulated Winter for her courageous move and respected her openness about the subject. Though certainly not the only person to deal with the issues that come with having large breasts, Winter has gotten people talking about the real struggles of big boobs, which is a discussion that needs to be had and understood by people of all body types.

Though people have been struggling with large breasts for ages, this recent awareness has allowed big-chested people to finally “come out” about their struggle. This new openness, along with the latest in body positivity movements and push for wearable plus-size clothing, has allowed for a true awakening of the big-chested voice.

Social media has been blowing up with posts about the many issues that large-breasted people deal with regularly. Most are funny and intended to simply poke fun at these problems, while some reflect the more serious nature of the issue.

In 2012, web comic artist Paige Halsey Warren created Busty Girl Comics to share her experiences about living with a larger-than-average chest size. Though mostly humorous, the comics became a momentary phenomena and were being shared rapidly among people – like Warren – who finally found something that summed up their struggle. The comic stopped being produced later that year, but not before becoming an internet sensation among large and small-chested people alike.

Some comics show women spilling things on their cleavage or lamenting over stretched out clothing. Others still show women rejoicing about their shared problems or excitedly realizing they have the same cup size. There are some perks, but also a lot of problems. While large boobs may be seen as a “gift” because of how desirable they are in society, it seems that it’s a gift that many people would prefer to return if they had the choice.

While it’s mostly discussed with humorous content, these issues are not always funny. Ill-fitting clothes are one thing, but for every cute tumblr post or joke on Twitter there’s a serious medical article about chronic back problems and possible higher-risk for breast cancer, among other ailments and issues. Even the need to have breast reduction surgery like the one Winter had can cause medical complications and leave people with permanent scars.

Still, whether funny or not, increased awareness about an otherwise undiscussed issue means improvement. With well-known voices like Ariel Winter’s, along with lesser-knowns continuing the discussion on the internet and beyond, perhaps everyone from medical professionals to fashion designers will take note of this issue.