Best And Worst Moments Of 2015 Comic Con

This year, the summer had something in store that always shakes things up for better or for worse: 2015 San Diego Comic Con, From DC to Deadpool, movie stars to Star Wars, there was much to see – or hear about for those who couldn’t snag tickets. Here are some of the best and worst moments from this year’s convention.


Trailers for Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad

DC came out to Comic Con with a vengeance this year, premiering the trailers for the highly-anticipated movies Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. The showing of these trailers was quickly followed by the HD release of them online, ensuring that everyone was buzzing about these films on Twitter, tumblr and beyond.

Suicide Squad Trailer

Batman v Superman

Harry Potter cast reunion

The cast of the Harry Potter movie series reunited for an epic panel, and almost everyone showed up, except for Potter himself actor Daniel Radcliffe. Fans got to hear Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and the rest of the gang reminisce about their favorite moments through the years. Though they didn’t have a lot to reveal about the news happening in the wizarding world, it was magical for everyone to be together once again.


The panel and subsequent trailer screening had everyone excited for a superhero who is not yet a household name, but who has a bit of a cult following nonetheless. Deadpool was certainly one of the most popular topics at this year’s Comic Con. Marvel kicked it up a notch with its hilarious film trailer, showcasing the comedic talents of actor Ryan Reynolds along with some good old-fashioned action. Though those of us stuck at home only got to see a leaked version, an official HD trailer is on its way according to Reynolds’ Twitter.

Star Wars

Having received a few trailers already, Star Wars fans had high expectations for the panel for Episode VII of the series, The Force Awakens. The forces that be in the Star Wars universe did not disappoint, with a panel featuring director JJ Abrams, many new actors from the movie’s diverse cast of characters, and of course the OGs themselves Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. Fans even got a chance to view one of the puppets that will be in the movie. It was a celebration of classic memories and exciting expectations at this year’s convention.


Awkward Supernatural Panel

Yikes. During its huge annual panel at the convention, the cast and crew of Supernatural – now going Season 11 – spoke to fans about all things spooky and creepy about the tv show. The panel got emotional, hilarious, serious and dark, but it wasn’t until a fan Q&A that things got confrontational…and awkward. One fan asked about beloved character Charlie (played by nerd-culture queen and actress Felicia Day) and why female characters on the show always seem to die. Executive Producer Jeremy Carver gave a work-around and ultimately disappointing answer that left everyone scratching their heads and feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Link to video of panel at time of question:

Disappointing tv show trailers

There was a slew of tv shows premiering the trailers and hosting panels and Q&As this year, some highly-popular like Game of Thrones and some new that have yet to build a fanbase. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot to buzz about with the releases of many of the trailers for upcoming shows. There was MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles, Fox’s take on hit movie Minority Report, NBC’s Blindspot, and more. Sure, it’s hard to judge before the first episode comes out, but there just wasn’t much to talk about after everything was said and done.

Which brings us to…

No huge gamechangers

The most disappointing things about this year’s Comic Con was that it was pretty predictable. No surprise panels, no mystery guests, no Matt Smith pretending to be a cosplayer, not even an unexpected trailer release. It was a great Comic Con with a lot to talk about for months to come and a lot to get excited about but the lack of gamechangers was a bit of a bummer. Oh, well…better luck next year!